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Saturday, 10 May 2014

A Distilled Life: Five in Five (series one, day five)

And so for the fifth and final instalment of five photos a day for five days.
Fare thee well; it's been a blast...

Saturdays are more of an ebbing and flowing kind of day with various comings and goings (Miss Moo and Papa Laidback off to dance class and camping shops). Mister Bee and I managed to do less-comings-and-goings-more-stayings, with me feeding and holding the baby whilst listening to Ms Cherry. Again. Slight obsession, I now realise...

And the rain came down, and the rain came down. Lush.
Lovely catch up chats with a couple of friends who popped by, before cracking on to fix some lunch;

Super Duper Freestyle Carrot Soup.
Corralled the troops away from the screens for some wooly good times down on Drop Stitch Drive at Paintworks. Amused myself no end by donning some knitty dreads and a crocheted moustache on a stick... Still makes me titter, even now. 

Lounging later, before a last minute decision to pop up to the Zion Food Market at Night, for fodder and enthusiastic chair dancing with top music from my uke teacher's new band. The kiddles ran about in the garden, before being chased inside by the rain.
... A dripping farewell was bid ...
Children now all tucked up in bed aside from Miss Moo who has hijacked the lounge with her brand spanking new camping mat. I'm about to settle down with a lovely drop of red....

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A Distilled Life: Five in Five (series one, day four)

Today started with more experimental food making. Who knew? Avocados give great texture, but unsurprisingly, the end result tastes less chocolate mousse, more chocamole. Guess who's having to eat this up (and it's not Papa Laidback or the kiddles...)?
The bigguns were kindly picked up by Liz for parkour at The Park, leaving me to chat with my friend (later dubbed a pavement therapy session as she left feeling loads better), before finishing off washing the dishes and getting the little fella into the buggy. A quick dash through the rain and a lovely bus ride chat with a random stranger, before arriving in time for last games and warm down.
The planned swift exit was scuppered as we avoided the rain and spent some time hanging out with the animal care crew. Miss Moo stayed for snake and iguana handling; da boyz and I strolled on, stopping off for a cheeky play in the charity shop on the way home. We gave thanks for tanks!
I went to church to swing some (kettle)bells before cycling home for supper and family film night. Chocamole snubbed in favour of mini Magnums...

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A Distilled Life: Five in Five (series one, day three)

This challenge has come at a time when we are experimenting with free access to computers. The kiddles love, love, love spending time exploring virtual worlds, but this makes for boring pictures. What follows is the (very much edited) highlights of the other-things-we-managed-to-squash-into-the-day.

The little fella is into everything at the moment - books, boxes, laundry baskets, cupboards, the recycling. Nothing is safe anymore...
The legendary "Life of Fred" arrived yesterday and I managed to coax the bigguns away from the screens. Fred was a massive hit; four chapters before they were ready to quit! Fred kept us company on a very long bus journey later in the day.

It's collect-the-veg-box day today, and, a quick glance in the fridge reveals copious amounts still leftover from last week. So elaborate pizza making plans follow; cauliflower crust, which gets a thumbs up from the grown ups and the little fella, but a massive no-no from the other two, hence the flour.
Mammoth trip to the Homeopathic Hospital (moving en masse on bus and foot), where remedies were tweaked and I was heralded a "pioneer" with "wonderful parenting" skills by the doctor... my ego really dug that!.
Parklife shenanigans with the little fella playing peek-a-boo before bussing it home. Home-made pizza shelved in favour of chip shop fish and chips - Miss Moo off to Woodcraft folk pretty much as soon as we got in the door, so no time for complex culinary quests.

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A Distilled Life: Five in Five (series one, day two)

Between washing dishes and hanging washing, I sat down in the familiar place to give the little fella some mama milk before he napped. Mister Bee and Miss Moo settled down for some screen fun...
After lunch, tying rope to the fridge and opening the door from afar was in vogue, then tying to and opening the drawers.
A hearty walk to the Children's Hospital for an-every-two-years-heart-check, followed by a stop at the Arnolfini for some smackerels and unexpected dance exhibition which was "boring" (Mister Bee), "weird" (Miss Moo) and "interesting" (yours truly). I particularly liked the way he kept repeating the refrain "and the right thing for right now is..."
Lastly, the oldest dons her cadets uniform, ready to be inaugurated...

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A Distilled Life: Five in Five (series one, day one)

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Jen invited (challenged) me to document my so called life in five pictures for five days; storytelling optional. This series first appeared on Facebook, but I loved it so much I thought I would transpose it over here (with a few minor adjustments)...

The early part of the day was spent in play (both real and virtual worlds), whilst I made stock.
Which ... Takes ... Forever ...
Enter G'dad and J for some catch up chats and distribution of golden chocolate bunnies (a much welcomed belated Easter offering). We pootled down the road for a spot of lunch where a conversation about a 60oz steak led to some impromptu calculations (15 x Mister Bee's burger!).
Home for cookies and a listen to my latest aural pleasure - the new Neneh Cherry album - whilst the little fella played ball. We bid adieu to G'dad and J, just before Papa Laidback was in from work, then out for basketball. Miss Moo went out for choir; a friend popped in for a cuppa. 

Mister Bee indulged in a spot of giant "Y" making before the kiddles finished the day with a bout of supper-disco-tag before bed (a made up game wherein, I've made the supper and it's time to sit and eat, but they both think it's time to crank up the music, dance about, then run around playing tag, in between nipping back to grab a bit of food!)...

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